You Got A Flat Tire

by Scott Dunbar

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The breakup song of my life!


I ain't tryina say that all women are evil
But there's evil in the way that you're treatin' me
Yes of course I know that it takes two to tango I can actually examine this from a variety of angles -

Some of them suggest that I was a bit of an ass
But at the end of the day you know I acted with class
So whatever you're telling yourself, go right ahead
Yes and sit around nodding your head with your friends

I put everything I had behind me and you
But its true that I've got much better things to do

Than get put down, denied faith love and respect
Mama said: "Doncha know that you gotta give to get!"

Well I see you've got a flat tire
I'm getting higher and higher!

And there is a part of me that is truly sad
You're on top on me every morning,
But it just makes me mad
So I leap outa bed throwing punches like you when you get all Rocky Balboa
You're a hard woman.
You are hard on people.
You are hard on things.

But doncha change crazy diamond
You can go right on singin' with me
Through your nice speakers in your crazy house up in the trees
Cause its gone, gone, gone, baby its all gone
With the wind
Cause you done me wrong.


released October 17, 2013
Special thanks to the fruit lady.




Scott Dunbar British Columbia

Weaving spells in the ruddy campfire light, far into a night’s revelry, changing the limits of what a song can be.

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